Apple iPhone 15 128GB (Black)

iPhone 15


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The main changes in the design of the iPhone 15. The basic line of Apple iPhone 15 smartphones received quite expected visual changes in the design of the case and display: Retina XDR display with a screen refresh rate of 60 Hz. The peak brightness of the display has increased to 2000 nits. Thinner bezels around the screen. More rounded corners. Dynamic Island instead of the classic "bangs". The standard Lightning was replaced by a USB-C port. The rear glass is strengthened with an optimized dual ion exchange process and then polished with nano-crystalline particles to create a luxurious textured matte finish. The new contoured frame made of aerospace-grade aluminum feels even better in the hands of users, and the Ceramic Shield front cover is even stronger than any other smartphone glass. With a water- and dust-resistant design and industry-leading durability, iPhone will last and look great longer than any other smartphone. In addition, the internal design provides strong, long-lasting performance while improving the ease and accessibility of repairs.


  • Volume: 300 g
  • Tax: 20
  • Dimension: 14.5×9×8 cm


  • VAT: $6250