Apple iPhone 14 512GB (Midnight)

iPhone 14


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Why should you buy Apple iPhone 14? Powerful, stylish, durable and with a wide range of top features — iPhone 14 128GB Starlight is the dream of every connoisseur of Apple technology. Do you want to become one of the first lucky owners of a hot new product from the creators from Cupertino? It is possible to place an order for iPhone 14 128GB Starlight easily and quickly on the website of the Yabko chain of stores. Special characteristics of the iPhone 14 The team of creators from Cupertino decided not to take any risks this year, so the basic models of the iPhone 14 remained with the classic design we are familiar with. Still, internal upgrades can be good reasons to upgrade to a new version.


  • Volume: 300 g
  • Tax: 20
  • Dimension: 14.5×9×8 cm


  • VAT: $8333