Apple iPhone 14 Pro 256GB (Deep Purple)

iPhone 14 Pro


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Why should you buy iPhone 14 Pro? The presentation of the Apple Event is one of the most anticipated events in the technological world. The corporation from Cupertino every time manages to surprise connoisseurs of branded products with amazing novelties and fresh generations of smart devices. In 2022, the enthusiastic public saw another version of the company's flagship smartphone — the iPhone 14 Pro. This generation immediately charmed users with its elegant design, new color and original solution to hide the front camera. Buying an iPhone 14 Pro is an excellent solution for users who have long dreamed of upgrading to an Apple smartphone. And it is possible to do this in the Yabko online store in a few clicks by placing an order for iPhone 14 Pro.


  • Volume: 300 g
  • Tax: 20
  • Dimension: 14.5×9×8 cm


  • VAT: $7700