Apple iPhone 13 512GB (Pink)

iPhone 13


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Apple iPhone 13 is an amazing new product of 2021 It seems that what can be better than the flagship twelves, which are equipped with advanced technologies in the field of mobile development. Nevertheless, creators from Cupertino every time manage to surprise users with novelties with a particularly stylish design and innovative filling. You will fall in love with the hot Apple iPhone 13 at first sight. Elegant body features, new colors, an amazing display, cameras that can compete with the best photography equipment, powerful processors and a fast operating system. These are not just smartphones for a long time, but works of high-tech art.


  • Volume: 300 g
  • Tax: 20
  • Dimension: 14.5×9×8 cm


  • Memory: 512GB
  • Version: Global
  • Color: Pink
  • VAT: $7360